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Day Off
by Denis Oakley in

Went to bed last night trying to figure out how to do a 30 minute warmup and then a 30 minute TT before running straight off the bike. In the end I decided I'd best go down the LDP to  Puchong for 1/2 and hour then sprint back heading on to Kuala Selangor if Necessary before turning round.

As it turned out I woke up at 0201 and Senay was still not home. orried after someone had tried to abduct Maya the week before and a lady outside our condo that morning I spent the next 1/2 hour trying to contact her and then another 15 minutes waiting for her to get home safe. 

0500 start after that might have been possible, but I'd have got no useful work done. So I decided to have an off day and slept like a baby until 0712.

It was great to catch up on a bit of sleep :) Now at 1800 I am feeling just a bit antsy and pondering doing on a bike in the gym instead . . . :)


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