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Monday and Tuesday of Ironguides Plan
by Denis Oakley in

Ok this was the first week using the Ironguides plan. In many ways it's much the same as the training peaks plan. Where it seems to differ is in the focus on intensity during the workouts with most having differing levels of intensity within them. The main point it seems being to tire you out before you get to the main bset so you do it nicely fatigued. Joy.

So on Monday I had a stationary bike and then a treadmill brick. I had intended to do these before breakfast but the 4am start on Sarturday and the 5am on Sunday had taken their toll and I did them once home from work.  The bike was 20 1m 40-50 cadence intervals. These were ok. I think I did them a little fast as I was on a spin bike and I had no readouts and the control know needed to be turned for ages. after a while they got bearable until the last. The last I gave an extra turn of the screw and my foot slipped slightly from the pedal. I lost momentum and then couldn't get the pedal moving again. I even stood up on it with all my weight on the one foot pushing down. No luck. It impressed the hell out of everyone else in the gym though. Maybe.

The a quick 15km run which was mostly done at 11km/h pace except when I hit the emergency stop and almost went over the front of the machine. Stupid thing. good session but i could push harder on the run.

Tuesday started off with a swim set at 0700. 12 x 25m with 10s for a warm up followed by 6 sets of 2 x 25m easy + 25m all out 10s each with a 200m all out doen twice. Then 2 x 400, 1 easy 1 medium and a 100m cool down.

I had to truncate the session slightly as I ran out of time and so I lopped the last 400m (hard and 3x100m easy off the cool down. 

The 200m's allout were very hard I I was generally wilting by the end of the 1dt 50m. By about 90m I'd settle down into a slightly slower less aerobic speed that I could maintain for the remainder. Finishing each was a wonderful feeling as I didn't think I would. 

The lunchtime run bkept being postponed until evenutally I went out after Maya had gone to bed. Stopped off at Bike Boutique for an interview by Wei Loon of the Star (thestar.com.my) about preparation for Ironman Langkawi before heading out for a 15w/u 15 moderate, 15 comfortably uncomfortable, 15 hard, 10c/d. i went out past 1U to Merchants square and back via Cita Damansara

After the rain it was very humid but I did 7.12 - 80rpm, 5.43 - 90rpm, 5.16 - 95rpm, 5.08 - 98rpm,  8.3 - 90rpm. Very pleased with the session especially as the hill nature of then course pushed my average for the last 15 minutes way up. If I stripped out the last 3 minutes climbing back up to DP my hard effort averaged 4.50 with almost 100rpm cadence. So pretty pleased.


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