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A Belated Catch Up
by Denis Oakley in

Training has been continuing but I have just been really busy and blog writing has taken a back seat. First of all we had an exhibition in Singapore in my taper week for Phuket. With everything involved in the exhibition I was only able to do about 2000m in the Hotel Pool on the Monday night. Tuesday and Wdnesday were a dead loss and on Thursday I drove back to KL, spent 3 hours in the office went home packedf and flew to Phuket really early on the Friday Morning. 

I'll do Phuket as a seperate race report.

After Phuket I had a reovery week and then a taper week as I tapered into Jerai - and frankly the taper week also got impacted by work.

Highlights though. Swimming is getting stronger though it still isn't consistent. I had an excellent lunchtime run at about 12km/h pace for 50 minutes which  was really motivating. The only problem was that I had worn work socks and I got blisters on both of my arches. Grrr.

The Saturday I went to Bentong with the gang which was 165Km - my longest ride ever and one which I felt quite comfortable with. I was strong on the hills but as ever struggled to keep up on the flat. Pleased with my performance. I did a brick afterwards - just 2 km  - and it was good though painful with the blisters on my feet.

Sunday long run I though was going to be at the Lake Gardens but on getting to the car I discovered that Team Susu had moved it to Putrajaya! Fuck! So I hurtled down the LDP and had a ereally hard run. My legs hadn't recovered from the long ride, my blisters hurt and I was expecting a water stop and hadn't taken water with me . . . . Glad I did it though.

This morning I got up at five and decided that my legs would not take a hard bike ride. :(. So back to bedf for a bit and the styrength training and stretches until breakfast.


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