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Phuket International Triathlon
by Denis Oakley in

I screwed up right at the start by going in the second wave. My thought here was that as I was feeling strong it would give me lots of people to overtake. Actually what it meant was that I spent the whole race feeling lonely at the back. :(

The swim was good - I got into a nice rhythm in the sea and my pace was suprisingly fast - I drafted as much as I could to save strength. coming out of the sea I had time to adjust my goggles and then into the Lagoon. This was harder and I was really glad that Simon had warned me about the buoyancy. None. Found naviogating really harder and went well off to the right and ended up swimming breaststroke through the weeds to the exit.

Quick transition as usual but lost one glove exiting :( The bike was fine. I spent the first 5 km conserving energy for the hills where I intended to take lots of people. Unfortunately I forgot where the hill started and shifted down a kilometre or so too early which was irritating. Next year I'll get it right.

The hills were fun and I took a lot of people there and slowly overtook people until about the 35km mark at which point I found myself cycling in  a vacuum. The wind was making things hard cycling and I was unhappy about not being able to put out more than 28km/h. Back into transition and I took my time pouring 2 bottles of water over me to cool down and putting on fresh socks.

As I got into the run I discovered that I had double stitches and these persisted throughout the run whenever I tried to increase the pace. As a result I went round the run - slowly  being overtaken by lo9ads of people butb actually very comfortably. The ice sponges helped and the finish was comfortable.

I still don't know whether it was a good raxce or not. There were a lot of European's there and the competition was fierce. Consequently on a place basis the result was very disappointing. My swim time was pleasing - I was only a minute behind Emma and 5 behind Sam so I must have been doing something good there. I never felt great on the bike or the run - but for all that my performance wasn't bad.


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