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T -115 - Cycle - Tuesday 4th November
by Denis Oakley in

I tried to persuade Arif to come out with me at 0545 with the though that a hard session would help put his sorrows behind him. Wimp.

So I did a quick warmup down the LDp to 1 U and then did sprints on the nice quiet road past Bukit Utama Golf Course. I need quite a lot of work on these. The basic problem is that going all out I run out of leg power after about 55 - 70 seconds and on a 90second interval that's not good enough. Looking at the power meter makes it bloody obvious that the power falls off after that time. Interestingly if I start slower and conserve strength I am able to do the inverse in the last 20s as I'm able to guage the strength I have left. So lots of pacing technique work here. Also work on keeping the bike straight as I did use a lot of the road going all out - not something to try with lots of traffic.

Then headed out to Kota Damansara and back via Sungai Buloh, E54 and LDP. Good ride with a beautiful red sunrise on the way back. Kept to a high gear all the way through and was pleased how easy it was. I'm trying to decide whether I keep my Genting gears for Powerman or not. Pros  are I know I'm comfortable in a high cadence, if I push too high a gear my legs will be shot for the run, cons - I may be giving up some speed for comfort. I think the decider is that I'll stick to the gearing I've been riding with and change it afterwards ready for Phuket.


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