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My Foot
by Denis Oakley in

Well I went to the foot doctor at Gleneagles this morning - and like most foot doctors he looked at my orthotcs - said those are no good - and got me to pay for a new set.

To be fair to him he did point out that my existing orthotics corrected my pronation but ended up causing me to supinate and he took a few minutes to come to the conclusion. So I'll try the new orthotics and see how it goes.

he also said that I could run on Sunday (hooray) but I've got to have physio every day this week and go back in 2 weeks. He says it is probably planar fasciitis (he hopes it is as the alternatives are worse.). So lots of physio and some new stuff to go in my shoes.

The killer app though is a piece of wood that I stand on and which will stretch my calves. Wow it feels good and it makes stretching really easy and accessible. So we will see. Hopefully the calf stretching will feed in to the swimming as well.


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