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T -114 Swim - Wednesday 5th November
by Denis Oakley in

35 1/2 today I realised. Still 4 1/2 years in my age group befor I have a competitve advantage on those 50 year olds :) Can't wait.

Swim was almost a disaster. Sam and KK were AWOL and hearing nuttink from no one I decided to go to BB instead. I picked up Senay's bike with new slick race tires and headed upstairs.  I jumped in and started swimming. I could only see a metre! I'll put that in bold to show how bad it was. THE VISIBILITY WAS CRAP AND I COULD BARELY SEE MY HANDS.

I got out after 1 length in disgust - complained to Daniel and went back to AT. I had a great time at AT. I focused mostly on the pull buoy and only taking one breath per length in order to concentrate on the stroke. It was really good. I guess I swam for 40 minutes or an hour and only stopped when I saw the light go on in the bathroom and headed up for 40minutes of splashing with Maya in the bath.

Went to the sports medical centre and had ultrasound on some scarring just where my ITB joins the bone and then a distinctly painful massage. Not screamworthy but close


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