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T -114 - Run - Wednesday 5th November
by Denis Oakley in

Alaram went off at 0520. Got up fgeeling great. Reached alarm and decided to go back to sleep for 40 minutes. Only a 38 minute run session today. Extra sleep was brilliant.

Hill reps outside AT again. I was a bit nervous about the run but tried the new orthotics. Intention was to take it easy if I had much discomfort and stop with any pain. The orthotics were unnusual - but they usually feel like that at first. On the run down to Metropolitan Square I felt my left foot pressing on the 4th and 5th meta-tarsals but that seemed to settle down once I got going. nice pace there and back though the first few hundred yards were horrible as I warmed up.

I did 6 hill reps todaywhich was painful though running as fast as I could up a hill only gave me a max HR of 170 which I thought was a bit low - though a quick check of WKO shows that my HR over the last month has only been 180. Actually thinking about this 220 - 35 gives 185 which is my theoretical maximum so that isn't too bad.

After the run I did 4 lengths in the pool focusing on form and it felt really good after the last couple of days with flotat buoys. Head and chest down. Legs high and no kicking.


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