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What A Horrible Few Weeks . . .
by Denis Oakley in

Life did not help me over the last few weeks. Lots of things didn't work and my balance and perspective got totally lost. In an attempt to try and put it all in perspective I'll work through them one at at time including all the trivial ones as well as the big stumbling ones.

Firstly I had loads of teething problems with the new bike. Principally with some fucking stupid piece of kit called an Ergomo. Great idea in practive - probably great engineering - but crap instructions and customer support. Pricnipal problems were a complete inabiility to communicate with the computer and a total failure to understnd what buttons needed to be pressed, getting it to record data, running out oif power etc. I was almost tempted to give up on gadgets forever. :) That is all finally sorted 0 in principal - with a new PCI card in the laptop, new software and reconfiguring the device display so it makes sense!

Second was the daft wheel I had. The front cool looking wheel I couldn't pump up with either my pump or Co2 cylinders. So I bought a brass converter. That is now stuck in the pump. Which makes oit difficult to pump up the tires on the mountain bikes - and means I still can't pump up the tires on the road. I don't like getting a taxi home - so bought a new CO2 converter. 

The there was the swimming. Total immersion seems like a great idea - but I like having a plan and following it. I have too many things to do to want to worry about what I should be doing on each day and each session. The session with Tang on TI was great and I believe; but, and this is a big but, I haven't the confidence in self coaching to make it pay off in the short term, and more importantly I would rather do sessions that I can do and know that the aggregate of the sessions will give me a reasonable finish time: correct that  - get me to the finish. Trying to decide how to combine the two approaches is too difficult and whilst TI IS better, I know that Matt Allen's plan will work and I will finish.

Next, Senay had a business trip in Europe and so I was left looking after Maya. Most of the looking after is done by Olfer - but making sure that Maya had enough quality time with me put pressure on my training - especially in the early mornings.

Next, Computer games I started playing some great strategy games at lunch and night whilst Senay was away to forget about missing her too much - and my obsessive addictive nature meant that I didn't stop when she came back and I lost loads of motivation. They're now deleted: for a time . . .

It was also a period at work where I've been doing a lot more and having to be in at 0830and finishing afte 1900 which has meant that workouts have got skipped. There has also been the issue of too many things to manage: the blog, garmin, training peaks, the ergomo - and trying to tie everything in togther has left me irritated and disillusioned.

Finally this week I've had lots of fun with toothache and went to A&E for some totally ineffective painkillers for a root canal infection on Saturday morning. 

I think putting it all together the issue was lots of little things weren't an issue when my life was relatively stress free as it ws over the summer, but as work and other commitments  intensified it all became a bit too much. A plan isn't just for good times, it has to work through the bad times as well.

And now for the good news. I'm still ahead of schedule as I had plenty of training weeks in hand and so I'll do an abbreviated final base phase cycle before moving into the build phase in three weeks time.


Simon said...

Hey Denis, Keep it together dude, setbacks are there to make the final romp over the finish line just that little bit sweeter.

Denis Oakley said...

Thanks Simon,

It's getting back together - one of those cathartic rants to close a chapter. Back to joyful hill intervals again tomorrow :)

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