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T -143 - Cycle - Tuesday 7th October
by Denis Oakley in

Back with a vengeance. :) To help get off the marks faster in the mornings I've made myself a couple of checklists of things that I need to do in the evening and morning.  It's a bit sad but quite useful - but it did mean that I didn't get up at 0600 and faff around for 30 minutes getting my stuff ready.

On the road at 0540 which must be a record after going to be at about 1015. Tootled down the LDP to 1 Utama and then came back to Flora Damansara for some more hill climbs. It's a bit bumpy but is about a minute long with an average grade of 3% though the climbing bit is about 5%. 

Did 7 reps and for the first time I actually have some power data to analayse. It's all a bit unclear at the moment - doing the analaysis for the first time but on my most consistent effort I averaged about 400W for the climb, cadence 91 rpm and a speed of 24km/h.

What's intereesting looking at the ride as a whole is that (excepting 0W time) my power distribution frequency has a peak between 140 W and 180W but then there is no obvious discontinuity  and it trails away into nothingness above 800W. Possibly this is to do with the type of ride  - short hill intervals - than anything else. I'd be expecting that there should be some discontinuity and it will be good to see how this changes with more data.

Anyway now off to have my abscessed tooth drained and root canal plugged. :)

Just remembered thinking during the ride that it was really noticeable how much easier and faster I was doing the hill climbs as opposed to a month or so ago. :)


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