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T -167 - Brick - Saturday 13th September
by Denis Oakley in

First brick workout. Woke up late with a hangover after the various dramas of the night before - main one being Shen's bag been stolen at the Curve.

Headed out for 45 minutes on the bike followed by 15 minutes running. Went over the PEnchala Link and the turned right towards Seremban. Ergomo crashed or was out of powerso was just using the GPS. I also discovered that the damage from Friday's accident to the gear cables was a little bit more sever than I thought and that I had lost the bottom 4 gears on the little chain ring :( Also one of the waterbottle cages had broken :(

Felt quite tired and had horrible neck and back ache - possibly as a result of the swimming adn cycling yesterday. Chain came off on the return but felt that I had a good ride - lack of sleep and hangover not withstanding. 

Came back into AT and forgot to turn on my Forerunner. Locked the bike to the fence by the security guard - heard a kid say "That's a racing bike" before I was taking my helmet off and putting my trainers on. Forgot to turn the cadence pod on and stopped about 500m later to do it.

Off on the run I was in zone 3 most of the time though I tried to get it back down into 2. My cadence was really good - 84 - though I had to focus quite a lot on keeping my steps small :) The speed wasn't bad - the return at just over 10km/h ( the outbound messed up by the fact that I didn't get any speed results for 500m of the 1.5k outbound trip.)

All pretty good though I felt I worked hard. I do need to work on having a really good way of approaching transition so I don't forget to do things. Possibly alarms on the GPS?


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