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T -142 - Swim - Wednesdy 8th October
by Denis Oakley in

Went out for my first swim for three weeks on a beautiful sunny lunchtime. A difficult session but worth doing. I'd intended to do this:

WU: 300 @ low aerobic intensity 8 x 25 drills, RI=0:10 MS: 6 x 100 @ moderate aerobic intensity, RI=0:05 5 x 50 @ speed intensity, RI=0:20 8 x 25 kick, RI=0:15 CD: 300 @ low aerobic intensity

A couple of things interfered. 3 weeks with no swimming had really reduced my swim fitness. I wasquite confused about my stroke and didn't really settle down into a rhythm and finally the hip pain I'd felt on the run this morning was present. No bad pain but enough for continual awareness and a decision that it wasn't worth trying to swim through it.

I think the sprints this morning pushed my ITB a bit hard and it's protesting so I'll treat it gently the next coupl of days.

So I did the main set and CD as breastroke and felt geat doing it. I really enjoyed the sensation of the water and felt very streamlined. My best length I did in 9 strokes which is 2.75m per stroke. I did something different that length but couldn't quite figure out what. I think I swapped the arm and the leg movements around, but . . .

Out in 56 minutes and back having my second lunch :)


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