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T - 141 Cycle - Thursday 9th October
by Denis Oakley in

I went to bed nice and early and was then woken up by Shen and Maya returning from an expedition to IKEA. Later I was woken again as co-sleeping became the preferred sleeping arrangement. The result - totally crap sleep. Lots of coke today then. :)

Out on the road by about 0530 and did the LDP/E54/Kota Damansara/LDP circuit. It's not a great one to do in the dark as coming off the E54 is very dark and bumpy for a while and you can't stay on the tribars. 

I've also figured out that my aerobars are in the wrong position. I think that they must be too low as I have to hyper-extend my wrists to hold the bar ends if I have my arms in the most comfortable position. So back to the shop for a bit of adjustment.

The other thing that is irritating is that the bottom gear doesn't quite push the chain onto the inner cog porperly - or at least it does but only if you push it a lot further than is obvious (especially when climbing). PLeased I figure out what the problem is. It is so frustrating to go into the bike shop and say - my bike is making a funny noise. The mechanic says "OK" and has a look knowing that he is acting as a placebo because he can't hope to replicate the error and the idiot in front of him hasn't investigated enough.

I didn't do the offset test this morning for theb ergomo, rather I did it but had the gears in thw rong position and I wonder if it affected my power. Whilst I was riding I thought so. In retrospect probably not as I wasn't riding that fast.

I'm pleased with WKO and training peaks and how everything is slowly managing to come back together after a few weeks off. I'm going to be pretty tired by Monday with the large load increase after very little for a few weeks - but satisfied with the way that things are going. 

Todays workout

WU: 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity
MS: 40 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity
CD: 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity

 Entire workout (2:09 min/km):
Duration:   55:46 (56:53)
Work:       453 kJ
TSS:       49 (intensity factor 0.726)
Norm Power: 174
VI:         1.29
Pw:HR:       2.54%
Pa:HR:       14.89%
Distance:   25.923 km
Elevation Gain:     226 m
Elevation Loss:   215 m
Grade:     0.0 %  (11 m)
Min Max Avg
Power:       0 527 135 watts
Heart Rate:   0 150 120 bpm
Cadence:     38 111 81 rpm
Speed:       2 50.2 27.9 kph
Pace         1:12 30:00 2:09 min/km
Altitude:     55 113 80 m
Crank Torque: 0 75.1 16.6 N-m
Temperature: 24 30 24.3 Celsius


Emma said...

Christ Denis, does all this info help? I don't understand half of what you have jotted down there =)
I like my new plan. No distance, No counting, no nothing just do the TIME, thought it would bother me but so far NOPE!!!

Denis Oakley said...

I don't understand most of it either.

I just go out and cycle and when I get back I plug the gadget into the computer and the program grinds it through and tells me that. So to be totally honest I don't really look at that table and it doesn't tell me much. What is useful though is when it is graphed with alongside all the other workouts that I do and through some clever stuff it tells me if I'm over training, and shows trends in my HR and power etc.

I wuld like to know what the power to heart rate and pace to heart rate ratios mean though :)

Pw:HR: 2.54%
Pa:HR: 14.89%

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