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T -140 - Run - Friday 10th October
by Denis Oakley in

Went to be early last night to try and catch up on Wednesday's apalling sleep. I slept in the spare room as Maya was co-sleeping with Senay but left my alarm clock behind. Woke up at 0450 and decided to have another 40 minutes. Banh. 0710. I felt great for it but it was a bit of a rush to get out of the house.

Senay decided to come with me today. She's doing a lot more exercise now that she's given up smoking. Does smoking suppress the desire to exercise? So we left the house just before 0730 with her using the edge and me with the forerunner. 

Before we went out I'd decided that as I was only only out for 35 minutes today should be far more of a recovery run than anything else. Nice slow jog to start with and then ran off ahead and came back to Senay. 

Shen was running really well - managing her pace so that her breathing was comfortable and we ran to just by the guardpost on the way up to the MK mansion. Then turned back and I did about 3 minutes of tempo pace looping through DP to catch her up on the main road. Shen finished with a sprint up the hill whilst I shouted encouragement and I then went on up and did 6x20s sprints by the concierge. 

Happily my hips didn't hurt. Maybe the foam roller did some good - though I will have to be careful tomorrow on my long run. 

WU: Run 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity MS: Run 15 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity CD: Run 10 minutes @ moderate aerobic intensity
MS: Run 6 x 20 seconds @ speed intensity with 40-second active recoveries immediately after completing today's main run workout.


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