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T -140 - Swim - Friday 10th October
by Denis Oakley in

Off to Metropolitan Square for another swim in the sun at midday. Life is hard.

Well it was once I got in the pool, but as i was dipping my toes in to test the temperature I realised I had bo idea what I was meant to be doing. :(. So I rang Shen and she logged onto my training peaks account and told it to me straight. Easy. Then I jumped in and it was cold.

I had none of the hip pain of Wednesday and the swim as a whole was a great deal better. I did the whole session front crawl apart from half the cooldown where I switched to breastroke as cramp was threatening.

The TI stuff has totally changed the way I think about swimming and I've got quite a lot of stroke confusion at the moment as I try and take everything onboard at once and synthesise it into Oakley Freestyle v2.0. That said today was a big improvement on wednesday.

I did wonder for most of the set whether I was actually faster doing fresstyle than breaststroke and whether the additional energy cost would be worth it - for example if I was 5 minutes faster on the swim but it cost me 10% more energy it would seem to make sense to do breastroke on an ironman.

The spints were hard - the first one my feet splashing must have caused rain in Ipoh (no doubt a culprit for the later cramp as well) and I had the feeling of ploughing rather than dolphining. But I had a wonderful length in the cooldown where I tried to make no noise at all and it was effortless. Great

WU: 300 @ low aerobic intensity 8 x 25 drills, RI=0:10 MS: 4 x 150 (50 easy/25 hard) easy = moderate aerobic intensity, hard = threshold intensity, RI=0:15 8 x 25 @ speed intensity, RI=0:20 8 x 25 kick, RI=0:15 CD: 300 @ low aerobic intensity


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