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T - 139 - Cycle - Saturday 11th October
by Denis Oakley in

Firstly good luck to Carmen,Chrissie, Asker, Tauny, Debbie and everyone racing at Kona. Have fun.

Met with KK, Chris, Dave and a few others at the SB tol on the LDP at 0645 and was off at 0651. I was a bit nervous as I'd been told that it was pretty fast but as I had decided to swing back via Rawang rather than go 150k to the coast and back I reasoned that all I had to do was hold it together for an hour or so.

The ride went down the E54, an old favourit, so the course held no suprises. I was a bit hesitant about rifing in a groupand didn't bunch up that close. I enjoyed it down to Ijok and had no problems keeping the pace though my hamstrings were aching a bit as we came out of the hilly section. After a quick break and a coke I carried on with the group for another 20 minutes before they headed for the coast and I swung away to the hills and Rawang.

The climb up into the hills was hard, partly as I tried to push a bit harder than usual and keep the group pace - without the drafting benefit. :) The heat was also increasing but it was great fun until I started to approach Rawang where I picked up loads of traffic and lost a lot of speed.

Through Rawang and I was debating stopping for a coke and blissfully a Shell station appeared just as I approached Bukit Templer. As I set off again I noticed that I was going at 20km/h + up a 5 degree incline on 25W. Somerthing a bit wrong here. The power data seemed totally screwy so I unplugged and replugged the computer to see if that made any difference. It didn't and so I carried on. Off the op of Bukit Templer I managed to top 70km/h which I think is a personal record - but the bike was becoming very sensitive at that speed. I kept thinking about falling off - so tried pedalling harder but my pedals spun out :(

And then home in time for tea and data analysis. I can't attach files on the blog but this file http://www.trainingpeaks.com/bbs-forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=41966&posts=1#M512331
shows how after 2 hours the power just tailed away without any significant changes in HR or speed. Weird. Spent ages on the web trying to find the reason but with no luck. Found lots of posts saying ergomo is shot. The lots of posts saying power tap is shit. Then lots of posts saying SRM is shit. But no answers. 

Pleased with the ride though and signed up for Genting next weekend :)


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