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T - 139 - Run - Saturday 11th October
by Denis Oakley in

Took the bike down to BB for a few adjustments - powermeter, aeros, gears - and then rant straight from there round the Flora- Bukit Lanjan circuit.. My forerunner died after about 2 minutes so I just ran and enjoyed myself.

Well not actually. It was only about 2 1/2 hours after I got back from the cycle and my legs protested a bit especially as I ran up the hill from BB. The heat was pretty intense - but I was only intending to go out for 30 minutes and it's good training for Langkawi heat :)

Speed picked up as I settled down but I was really quite tired when I got home.

Asumed that I did 4k in half an hour, which I know is really slow, with a HR of 150. 

Lunch was:

6 slices of thick brown bread
Bacon sarnie
1/2 french sausage
Mars bar
Bowl of pasta
Small pile of pickles
Couple of tomatoes
Pint of red juice of some sort
Diet coke
Pint of water
Pint of tea


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