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T -142 - Run - Wednessay 8th October
by Denis Oakley in

Up at 0530 and wandered out for 35 minbutes of sprints. I usually do these on the road alongside the Curve as there is a slight downhill gradient which makes me feel good and the surface is good. 

Took a water bottle with me this time as previously I'd been dying for water by the time I got home. Gentle amble out and I tried to make sure that I didn't go all out in the first few intervals. One of the things that I realised this morning about sprints was that they enable you to understand your limits as to how far you can actually sprint and at what speed. One of the worst feelings is sprinting for the finish line only to die before you get there . LOL.

I played around with cadence on intervals 4 and 5 and I've just had the rather sick realisation that my sprints are the same speed that Haile Gelbrasse does his marathons in :(

One the 7th interval I decided that I was probably slacking and that I could have been putting more effort in so pushed hard on the 8th. I set a mid way marker (about 15s in) where I would try and step up the pace again and satisfyingly number 8 was the best of the day with an average speed of just under 19km/h over 30s. 


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