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T - 135 - Run - Wednesday 15th October
by Denis Oakley in

The day started just before 0200 with 2 little Oaklettes sobbing as a result of a thunderstorm. I missed it but didn't miss them and so spent a while settling them both nack to peaceful sleep. Then at 0530 an Oaklette needed loads of TLC so the morning run got canned. The swim at Lunchtime got killed because of picking up the new car and a prearranged picnic and the post work fallback swim slot got killed by the search for a new baby car seat.

However I had the most amazing run at 2100 when I got back from the Curve. Ok the stats weren't great - in fact I don't know what my average pace or distance was. I do know I ran for just over 40 minutes and did a number of fartleks. What was great was how I felt and I felt really good and fast with a huge amount of power and strength bubbling under the surface to draw on. Lots of confidence. I was even contemplating suggesting a run up Genting after this weekend is put behind me. In fact the more I think about it the more fun it sounds.

Back to the run . I started off slowly, switching off my GPS instead of turning the ligh on and then let rip with what felt to be a wonderful flowing gliding run for 30s at just under Vo2 Max. The only slight down side was I felt something go wrong with a muscle in my right quad as I did so. :( I had 3 more pretty good  intervals but 5 was poor and 6 I abandoned as the ache in my quad was becoming worse with the additional stress. 

OK. slow down, rest it for a few days. Mildly worried about not doing Genting again, but I just felt so good. Enthused mightily about the run when I got back.

Other points of note were that my feet seemed a bit swollen tonight and that apparently my neck strain is due to using my thumb whilst doing pull ups. Who would have though that eh?

Todays swim will becomme a second session tomorrow. Interestingly as I think this is week 3 of my period I am feeling pretty good and suprisingly refreshed. :)


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