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T - 136 - Cycle - Tuesday 14th October
by Denis Oakley in

When I picked up my bike last night fromn BB I was having a chat with a guy about power and I said that I produced more power on a smaller gear because of the higher cadence. He was polite but didn't believe me. 

Anyway I went out on my cycle this morning - more short hill climbs - and decided to use Bukit Lanjan which is about 1/3 of a kilometre long and takes a minute an d a bit. It's mostly 7% with a 10 - 12% kicker at the end.  Happy days.

I did 8 reps on a 25 chainring and was 2 gears off the bottom to start with. I did 4 intervals like that, shifted up a gear andf did 2 more. I then shifted up another gear and did the final 2. The results were as below

1. 424W 66rpm
2. 436W 64rpm
3. 428W 64 rpm
4. 425W 63rpm
5. 395W 58rpm - shifted up a gear
6. 393W 55rpm
7. 351W 48rpm - shifted up a gear
8. 319W 48rpm

I think that this tells me a few things. Firstly that my legs are that strong and aren't good at pushing the big gears. Power is going to be a relationship between the gear and the cadence and pushing a smaller gear faster in my case is more efficient than pushing a bigger one slower.

Enjoyable ride though it felt a bit warm and I strained a muscle in my neck doing pullups afterwards. :(


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