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T - 134 - Swim - Thursday 16th October
by Denis Oakley in

Well that wasn't a succesful swim. I headed off at lunchtime for yesterdays swim in hot sunshine and blue skies. As usual by the time I was at the pool it was cloudy and the sun has gone. This hapens everyday. Why?

Once into the pool I discovered why it is a bad idea to do a strength session before swimming. It felt like my arms had the responsiveness and weight of dumbells. Crap. After 250m of struggle I decided to do the remainder of the session breastsroke in order not to destroy my form any more that I have already.

By 450m I was beggining to realise that 1.) I could only see half way down the pool and 2.) the water tasted truly crap. Very bitter. So I called it quits and headed back to work.

I think that now I have a car I may well try and join a regular session and concentrate on doing distance by myself.


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