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T -133 - Run - Friday 14th October
by Denis Oakley in

It's beautiful outside - with a clear blue sky and the heat is rising. It was dark when I set off this morning and a more relaxed and leisurely start you have never seen. I walked to the gatehouse and somehow slouched into a jog that turned into a brisk run once I'd warmed up a bit.

I'd been readin some stuff on Joe Friel's blog about foot strike and tried to get my midfoor hitting first rather than my toe or heel. It actually felt pretty comfortable and both my speed and cadence were up. Running at about 11km/h with a cadence of 86 over the best 30 minutes of the 40 minute run.

I think my gait was a lot better with less bobbibng. There is an awful lot more to work on there - technically I think that running is harder than swimming as it is more natural and patterns are far more deeply locked in. Also in swimming you are aware of stroke deficiences but in running, well you just run. Now as I'm starting to get more awareness of how I run I'm starting to understand that I can change my efficency and speed quite significantly by changing my 'stroke' The other thing that makes running harder technically than swimming is that you are working at a cycle time of 3/4 of a second or less whereas in swimming you are working on a 2 - 3 second stroke cycle. The result is that you have far less time to think about a 'stroke'. 

Anyway I got back to AT and tried to do my strides. My quad had behaved itself - but it was having none of it as I put more power onto it. I didn't 20 strides and abandoned the set. Best to do no power on the run next week to allow time to recover.

Spent some time on the foam roller rolling out some of the stiffness when I got back.


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