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T - 178 - Run - Tuesday 2nd September
by Denis Oakley in

Went for a run. Prepped my gear the night before and still managed to take 25 minutes to leave the house after the alarm clock went off.

Started off slowly listening tomy body and letting it choose the pace. Very comfortable and I was up to a good speed by the end of the first rise without the usual discomfort of starting a run. 35 minutes was on the menu today with 6 30 second sprints at 90% VO2 max.

This was the first Fartlek Session that I'd done (start of a new training cycle and last base phase cycle I think) so there's probably quite a lot of learning.

I wasn't timing the sprints and di them when I felt like it. The first ones were definitely too fast as by the time I hit number six my energy and strength were depleted. Basically I ran as fast a pace as I could sustain for about 20 - 30s (though it was probably more like 20 s than 30)before windmilling down.

Good and it tired me out. Active recovery and kept on running though at whart pace I don't know.


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