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T - 177 - Cycle - Wednesday 3rd September
by Denis Oakley in

I achieved what I wanted to in this session - but what a fuck up.

The Ergomo was powered but I had no instructions (the cd drive on my PC is bust so I haven't installed the software yet). I just watched the power meter. Forgot to turn the GPS on for 5 minutes and then when hurtling down the LDP at about 60kph :) I hit a bump and lost both water bottles, my rear light, spare tire and CO2 bottle. I stopped and waited for one bottle to roll onto the hard shoulder. The next flew past my head as it was hit by a car destroying the cap and the CO2 narrowly missed the bike being shot out by a truck. The tire and the light I abandoned.

Cycled back through TTDI and tried to find a hill in Kg Sg Penchala that I'd spotted from the Link. Didn't find it but found some nice (smelly) cul de sacs with lots of chickens. So headed home and did the hill session on Loron Penchala (connects Penchala with Flora Damansara)

First rep I was in too high a gear started off too hard and hit about 800W. Second I shifted dowen and started slower and was hitting 600 - 700W by the top of the hill - taking just over a minute each time. There is a nasty gradient increase for the last 75m which means I have to come out of the saddle to power over and even then my cadence was remarkably low. But hey - that's why you do hill training. :) I was knackered by the time I'd done six and headed home.

The worst thing was that as I came into Armanee Terrace and was thinking about pushing the bike up the hill A big fat silver Merc started up the hill. I couldn't resist and sprinted for the top achieving instantaeous power of 1024W!


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