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T - 177 - Core & Flexibility - Wednesday 3rd September
by Denis Oakley in

First Core and Flex session. Already this seems to be the way that fits easiest with my personality - have dedicated flexibiliy and strength sessions rather than doing half hearted stretching before and after a session. So scrap stretching and now do the core and strength sessions straight after the first session of the day - saving a bit of time as well.

Good session - but I have so much to work on. Weak upper body and core, low flexibility and lots of tight muscles. But I guess that's the reason why I'm doing this.

Good session taking a bit long to do things and learning the moves and the sequence. Over time It will all become pretty much routine as has getting out the house for a session first thing in the morning.

Feel pretty sore but good all over. Glad that that is it now until tomorrow morning when I have a RFR which I will take nice and easy.


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