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T - 176 - Run - Thursday 4th September
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Maya got her first tooth yesterday and Shen and I stayed up to about 1 talking about this and that. We went to bed and about 1/2 an hour later Maya was screaming. I retreated to the spare room but slept badly. So when 0600 came the alarm was reset to 0630. 

I grabbed my kit and was out the door - almost sleep walking - glad I was only doing a 35 minute RFR with strides. I let my body set the pace and it was quite slow. This week there has been quite a heavy increase in load with the switch from a recovery week, the start of a new cycle and the addition of the strength and core exercises. I was quite happy to let the run go at its own speed and as I did so I thought a bit about RFR's. I think that to start with the RFR was my only run and I wanted to push it and see how much I could do - but now I'm starting to think that they're in the program to acclimatise my body to running and that it is best to run them at the right pace which is comfortable conversation. A fast run is programmed and I shouldn't be making a RFR a tempo or speed run. Same goes with the bike - where I tend to push it a bit. 

I think I did my best strides ever this morning as my legs were to heavy to pick up the pace. So I took them really easy focusing on improving the cadence with as little energy expenditure as possible. 

Very humid though and I was glad to get home and walk back past the swimming pool - debating whether I should jump in fully sweaty. :)


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