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T - 178 - Swim - Tuesday 2nd September
by Denis Oakley in

I dreaded this. I'd written out my session plan early in the day and the SSI - Swim Speed Intervals - lurked in my mind all day. I'd originally intended to swim at lunchtime but maaged to put it off until almost seven. With a heavy heart I headed over to Metropolitan square.

As usual during my 300m warmup I wanted to go home by 100m, by 150m I was convinced that I was wasting my time and I should by a 100" TV and a lifetimes supply of crisps and lager. The drills went well and I got into the rhythm during the first part of the main set which was 6x100m steady base intervals. Persistent goggle trouble was irritating.

By the time I got to the speed sets I wasn't afraid any more - just worried that the bike shop would close with my bike in it. I kept a low stroke speed and focused on power and form and I was honestly suprised how fast I did the first 25m. I started weakening by 35 and the last 5 were a struggle as I watched my power disappear. The 4 x 50m set went quickly and satisfyingly though and left me pretty happy as I did the cool down.

Picked my bike up and went home with just about every muscle in my body aching - great adaption.


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