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T - 176 - Swim - Friday 5th September
by Denis Oakley in

I left the office at 1725 as opposed to the 1700 I intended and walked up to the pool pleased that I'd made it today. The only trouble was that I couldn't quirte remember what I was meant to be doing. Senay had taken my posit last night out of curiousity and asked what it was and I hadn't put it back in my pocket again. I knew I was doing sprint and fartleks though so perhaps it was best that I couldn't refresh my memory.

I started my warmups and suprise suprise I hated every moment of the first 150m. The sets were OK but I had the feeling that my stroke wasn't as good as it was a couple of weeks ago. Maybe its because I'm not improving as much . . . Still some TI work next week.

By the time I got to the main set I'd pent a few lengths doing sums in my head and figured that I should be doing 4 150m fartleks and 8 x 25m sprints.

Suprisingly the fartleks were harder than the sprints as I built up to a sprint and then slowed down recovering in the water as it were. It was pouring with rain by this point so I got absolutely soaked which was a shame. I found it quite difficult to build consistently over the first two lengths and slow down over the 3rd. acceleration tended to come in spurts as opposed to a gradual transition - but pleased that I survived.

The sprints were harder as I was focusng on going fast and it was difficult to keep a balance between that and keeping more form good. I've noticed that as I increase the power it becomes a lot harder to roll properly and I go back to being a barge in the water. That I guess is why I do drills. 30 breathes between each sprint which was probably a bit long in retrospect and I was quite a lot slower by the time I did the last. So much for negative splits.

Cramp was threatening by the time I was into the cooldown and I switched to breaststroke after 150m. [I think I'd also used far to much leg in the sprints] I then got the strangest cramp ever as two of the middle toes on my right foot decidedto lock themselves rigidly around each other. Weird so I called it a today. Put my clothes on and got wet again in the rain coming home. 

Upper body very stiff by 2100 when I write this.


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