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T - 175 - Run - Saturday 6th September
by Denis Oakley in

Forgot to set the alarm clock so lay in bed semi awake and lovin it until Shen woke up and then headed off after a good moning kiss. :)

I'd been reading Chi Running ther evening before and whilst I'm fining it quite hard to take evverything on board I am trying to experiment with little bits and pieces. This morning I was still thinking about cadenceand forward lean. Forward lean is good so that if you you feet land underneath your body you don't get the same breaking effect as you do when they land in front of you.

So started off very gently and let my body pick up the pace. In a way this is really frustrating as it hammers my average time and looks bad on the graph - but it feel so muchmore comfortabletaking5 or 10 minutes to really get started in the run. I suppose it's the same as my first few hundred yards in the pool - if I can get it right it makes the whole of the rest of the session that much easier.

Anyway headed out into TTDI with the intention of crossing the LDP at 1 Utama and seeing what happened. I was quite thirsty when I woke up and finished the pint by my bedside as well as another one before I left. Mouth still felt dry though - maybe a little bit of a cold?

After about 15 minutes of running I realised that I needed to go to the toilet. No money. No good bushes. No toilet paper. I kept gently jogging matching my pace to what my bowels felt most comfortable with and eventually reached 1 Utama at about 35 minutes. I know it doesn't open until 11 but there are lots of people getting there shops ready at 0815 and the toilets were open. I spent a blissful 5 minutes one and then headed out again a happy bunny.

I've never spent much time on the west side of the LDP other than routes out through Kota Damansara so I was playing it by ear. 10 minutes along here and then I'll turn back if I can't find anything. Eventually I found a road that headed past Bukit Utama and took me back out by the 1 Utama carpark getting me back in 1:22 which was a suprise. I'd expected that I was going to be about 1:30 due to the route finding.

I did 12k in 1:22 which was a bit slow - but in an LSD that's the point. Heart rate was happily low at 126 bpm and cadence was at 81spm despite a good 10 minute stretch at the beggining where it looks as if it was in the mid to high 80's

Again a run that I really enjoyed. Not intense but I came back feeling well exercise and pleased with myself. One of the things that 'm learning is that my body is so incredibly complicated and that the more I learn the more there is to learn :)


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