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T - 176 - Core - Friday 5th September
by Denis Oakley in

I still can't understand what I am meant to do for the internal and external hip rotator exercises.  So I've sent an e-mail to the guy who wrote the book. :)

After that slow start I did some flexibility exercises that work to correct imbalances and tightness in my legs. A lot of the stretches are really good and its staisfying to feel the stretch quite quickly rather than pissing around trying to find it which has happened with other athors.

Once I'd done those I did 5 core strengthening exercises. TVA, brace, hip bridge, superman and one which involves balancing on the swiss ball.

It was a bit rushed but i felt good doing it and satisfied that the thought of abandoning it because of lack of time had not been given into (cumbersome sentence. Bah)


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