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T - 176 - Cycle - Friday 5th September
by Denis Oakley in

As I have no back light after Wednesday's ride I started out late once it started to get light. Today's fun was a CFR3 - an hours' foundation ride. In keeping with what I was thinking about the run and foundation sessions I decided not to push and therefore would not go on the expressway and would work on my technique. 

So I headed out towards Kota Damansara and worked on my cadence. I started out aiming for 85 but soon found it was actually easier to work in the 90 - 95rpm range. What was interesting was I could see immediately how shifting gears affected the power from the power meter. [I still haven't got the software running so no detailed analysis). 

By keeping a high cadence on the flat and going up hills (where I always tried to keep it above 80 a worst) and generally freewheeling downhills I had an average power over the time I was out of about 300W. Not sure whether that is good or bad but interestingly enough Faris Al Sultan had an average power of about 300W at Hawai in 2004 with the average speed being about 40kmh.

My s[eed was below that and I think with further analysis it wasn't particularly consistent. Good learning though.

Out in Kota Damansara I decided to try and do a loop back via Subang. The road was terrible - jammed cars and a pottholed gravelly surface. :( For some reason I ended up on the bike track of the E2 as well. :( Then I missed the exit for the LDP and got off at the next exit and spent a good few minutes trying to find my way back to the LDP. All in all my hour turned into an hour and a half so was a bit rushed what with the late start and the long ride once I got back home.


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