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T - 175 - Swim - Saturday 6th September
by Denis Oakley in

Was a bit nervous as I walked down to the swim. I'd done a good swim yesterday and the 1500m swim would be the longets for a couple of years. It didn't actually matter that I'd probably worked harder on Friday - my mind was hooked on the big swim.

The warmup was as horrible as usual - but a horrible warmup usually means a good main set. I started off the main set feeling very negative and suffering for it. I decided that all I had to do was swim 10 lengths, When I got to 5 I realised I'd done one twelth and from then on I kept doing the maths and distracting myself. There were a couple of guys on the side of the pool chatting. They didn't pay much attention to me at first but as I completed length after length I watched their body language change as they were obviously having the discussion - "When is he going to stop". In the end they left at length 41. 

By length 25 I was feeling a lot happier and cruised past length 30 feeling good. There wasn't a precise point when I felt I could do the session - but it was definitely in this area where I settled down into a good rhythm and stopped worrying about things.

I also started turning onto my side during the pushoff and starting a stroke as I slowed as it seemed to give a little bit of extra bang. I was pleased when I went through lap 48 (previous longest) but I was definitely feeling tired at 49 - 50. The last few lengths took quite a lot of focus to maintain my form and on 58 I started getting cramp in my left arch. I minimised it as much as possible with a little bit more arm strength and compensating with my right foot and made it home safely.

One things about focus is that if you are focused you tend not to think particularly negatively as you are concentrating on form and not letting your mind be your enemy. 

Finished off with a 300m cool down and right at the end I realised that the warmup/cool downs should have been 250m - not 300. Oh well.

Walked home picking up the laundry on the way - 3 bags! and ate half a loaf of toast and a mug of tea :)


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