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T - 174 - Cycle- Sunday 7th September
by Denis Oakley in

I headed out towards Ulu Yam down the LDP. It's a lot quicker than going by Mon' Kiara and flat :).

No problem with the route finding and then I come round the corner and find a huge hill that had mycadence down to 48 on the bottom gear. :( I ground my way up it and flew down the other side having to break constantly so I didn't overtake the minivan in front of me. The ride then got pretty plesant - winding gently around the side of a lake and then climbing again. 

On the climbing I focused on keeping my cadence as high as possible. That basically meant going for the low gear early and pushing it at about 65. On the later steeper section I went down to 48 again but reached the top in 1:20 which was my turn around time. Coincedence of had I moderate my climbing power?

Up to the top I'd had an average of 330W. I'd stayed in the saddle apart from a couple of points where I needed the change and was prepared to take a hear rate trade off. Was continually thinking about getting a different chainset to make climbing easier. I'm not sure that Genting is possible with my current strength on these gears. :( A few more weeks of practice though :)

Tried to use a workout on the Edge 705 but found that with a long hill ride it was either constantly telling me that my HR was out of the zone or my speed was. Not useful. Maybe on a different type of ride though.

Got some nice speeds on the way down after a 5 minute recovery at the top and then hit a pothole just as I came back to the main road at the bottom. My front tire obviously was a bit underinflated as I had a nice snakes bit in the tire - and a few minutes later a bunch of mossie bites as well. All went well until I realised that my CO2 attachment wouldn't fit the HED 3 carbon wheel. Packed up and started walking back to KL with the bike on my shoulder. At least it was light.

A guy on a moped offered me a lift. Nice of him. :) Then a taxi stopped to tell me that the bicycle was too large for the car. Why did you stop? Then another taxi - but wouldn't go my way. Then a couple in a tiny Perdua who couldn't help but they did flag a cab down for me and persuade the driver to take me home.

Thank you whoever you were :)

Good ride for all that. I did 1:50 out of the intended 2:15 and only missed out on the flat ride home. 


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