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T - 172 - Strength - Tuesday 7th September
by Denis Oakley in

Bowel problems during the run. It's amazing how important they are at the time - consuming your interest and concentration - and yet as soon as you've had a couple of minutes on the loo its as if they've never been.

So slightly longer pause than usual but then did 3 x 5 sets of push ups. I lasted a lot longer than usual on the bar which was pleasing. 

I struggled to get the static lunges right today with a lot of the stretch being in my back hip but got it right by the second set and did an extra one on the left leg to help strengthen it.

Finally the deadlifts were abit of a struggle as I was bending at the waist and felt myself developing some back pain. Reread the instructions and focused on neding at the hip which meant I hardly did any bending at all but I did get some great stretches up the back of my legs.


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