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T - 171 - Cycle - Wednesday 10th September
by Denis Oakley in

Short hill climbs was on the agenda again and I headed out about 0630 after having a quick look on the internet for stuff about hill climbing with a power meter. All interesting but probably a bit of task avoidance :) 

I decided to have a look at other hills. I thought about the hill heading towards TTDI from the Penchala exit but decided it was too busy. Then thought about the road going up towards Damansara Heights above the LDP tol, but that waseither too short or too steep. [last weeks hill had a killer gradient change in half way up which isn't the best for consistent development]

Eventually I settled on the road to Flora Damansara. I know that I run up and down it a lot but it is quiet and has two lanes and a couple of hill sections.  Started off in a low gear and discovered that I could do it, so on the next two intervals I increased the gearing so that it became harder and I was gasping as I reached the top. 

I have a very jagged looking graph from my Garmin (the powermeter still isn't PC connected) and I felt good doing it. The limiting factor didn't seem to be my legs rather my lungs. No that's a lie - on the highergears and later reps I flet that strength was draining away from me by the time I reached the top. I think the climb was about 45 seconds rather than the minute intended but the location makes up for that.

It looks like I was getting up the hills (about 5%) with a speed in the high 20's (28 -30km/h). Heart rate maxed at 150 on the first rep and then 160 on the last. 


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