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T - 172 - Run - Tuesday 7th September
by Denis Oakley in

Bounced out of bed remarkably quickly this morning' The worst of my Sunday/Monday cold seems to have gone and as I was ok below the neck I headed out. 35 minutes of sprints (also known as a Fartlek) kept me happy. I did the first a bit earlier than usual and the second hit a storming 30km/h as I flew downhill towards Flora Damansara. 

I still haven't got the speed right as I'm probably doing VO2 max for 20 - 25 seconds as opposed to the 30s I should be. One thing I thought of was to set up a workout on the Garmin which is buttom initiated but time ended. That would help a great deal wth getting the timing right.

So 8 30 second efforts in 30 minutes left me feeling so good when I got back to AT that I decided to sprint the hill. Isn't that what a fartlek is about. I died in about 10 strides. Still a reallt fun session and fgelt pretty good.

Some of this Chi running stuff is starting to make sense. I'm not following it formally but each time I go out I remember little bits and practice them. Today it was the leaning and foot relaxation that I focused on. Always so much to learn


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