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T -206 - Cycle - Tuesday 5th July
by Denis Oakley in

On the rod just before 0700 for a CPI1 down the LDP for Kelana Jaya. CPI1 is power intervals 4x20s over a 45 minute period.

I flew down the LDP doing 26.5k in 48 minutes for an average of 33km/h at 145 BPM

I've been reading that you switch to a low gear when climbing hills and then increase the gearing (so that it gets harder) as you go up so that you don't lose speed. I think I always lose speed on hills, but I've started trytying to stay in a higher gear up hills and today I certainly felt the power in my legs. Wonderful feeling flying along.

I was also aware that the gearing on the bike probably has a limited life expectancy as I'm getting better able to push the big rings and am starting to run out of gears on some of the downhills. I'd originally bought the gear set for Hellvellyn and it's atrocious hills ad it was perfect for that.

It is amazing though how large the benefits are of a structured training program over even a few weeks compared to the unstructure my way that I'd done before. I already feel about 90% as fit as I was when I did Hellvellyn and that is very early in the training cycle.

I'm also entering Desaru Sprint Tri, down near Singapore, in 10 days time to give me a baseline for my fitness and to practice my race skills. Starting to anticpate and look forward to it and managing my expectations was certainly difficult this morning as the ride felt so good.


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