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T -206 - Hydration
by Denis Oakley in

I've been mulling over hydration and how much I need to drink and the following article has some really interesting information http://www.badwater.com/training/bornhydration.html . Coincedentally, or not, its found on the site of the Badwater Ultramarathon a 135 mile jaunt through Death Valley in California. The temperature is on 130 degrees plus :)

With respect to hydration in hot and humid climates the optimum fluid intake seems to be about one cycling bottle an hour ( I reckon mine is about 750- 800ml) with or without electrolytes (depending on how long you're exercising)

That seems to fit in pretty much with my own experience in malaysia where I generally do about a bottle an hour.

On longer rides I do get very tired and I suspect that at least some of that is dehydration as I move down from a bottle an hour to 1/2 a bottle an hour to preserve the 5 bottles I can carry on my bike up to 6 to 7 hours. A mistake. The solution is to probably take additional electrolyte and purchase water en route.

As for Badwater - this looks like more fun http://www.everestmarathon.org.uk/


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