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T -205 - Run - Wednesday 6th August
by Denis Oakley in

Got up at 6 for the first time and was out the door by 0615. For various reasons it seems better to get up early and train before the sun gets up. The heat and the humidity are still there but the extra coolness does mean a bit of extra comfort and speed. Also it synchronises with Maya getting up.

In due ourse the run training can be done in the early afternoon but I think that can wait for a higher level of base fitness.

Today was the first time with stretch laces and my new Garmin footpod. I had to stop after 8 minutes to redo the laces as they were pulling my shoes way too tight and my left orthotic especially was pressing into my arch. horrible. Quite tight about the top of the foot and loose about the toes. I may possibly need to get slightly longer elastic to give a comfortable fit but also to allow my feet to swell on longer runs and not get squashed and painful as a result.

The footpod I barely noticed apart from the minor havoc it caused in the lacing on my left foot. It's meant to be used indoors when there is no satellite reception but using it conjunction with the Forerunner 305 outside means that you can measure run cadence - or how mny strides you take a minute. I was averaging 82 over a 5km run which according to this article on cadence and running is a little slow http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=994

This article http://www.rungearrun.com/resources/cadence.php repeats much of the one above but gives a target range of 85 -95 on the flat, 60+ on hills and 100+ downhill.

From reading it it appears that I have been focusing on the wrong thing in my stride sessions. I've been practcing taking longer strides whereas I should be taking faster ones to up my cadence - and thus increase my running speed.

The other interesting thing is that as I try to improve cadence on the bike it impacts the running cadence and vice - versa. We'll see.

So for the stats - 5.01km in 28.24 minutes for an average speed of 10.6km/h and a heartrate of 72BPM (I'm guessing that the HRM didn't synchronise properly :) )


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