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T -201 - Swim - Sunday 10th August
by Denis Oakley in

Swim was a disaster. I'd played 30 minutes of relaxed badminton before hand and when I went to the pool my stroke was very poor during the warm up and it felts as if I had 2 blocks of lead tied to my forearms.

I was also in the pool at AT - so 15m lengths with kids to dodge. Once I started the main set things started going more easily buy then my goggles started filling up. After adjusting them 3 times in 6 lengths I had a tantrum and went up to the flat in a huff and practiced yoga breathing in the porch until Senay came back with Maya.

Looking back I think I had pushed myself a bit hard during the week. I'd already had 4 or 5 sessions I'd pushed hard at, my morning run had been bad, I'd been irritable during the day with Senay which is very unusual and then I'd done the badminton. In retrospect the swim session should have been canned before I started but . . .

Future weekends I should do it it before the run as the swim is more important.


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