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T -201 - Run - Sunday 10th August
by Denis Oakley in

RFR6 - Ran out towards Flora Damansara intending to come back via the village under the LDP. Felt slow and heavy so just ran with my body. Left Forerunner 305 at work and so used my Edge instead.

At Flora had plenty of time so decided to go left and up a steeplittle hillthat I'd noticed (Penchala Indah I think) and that took me up and over and down into Penchala. I hesitated deciding whether to go back or onwards but thought that a previous run had taken me to within 300 or 400 yards of where I was. Stopped the timer checked the map on the Edge and off I went.

I took about 50 minutes to do just over 8k giving an average speed of 9.7km/h with a heart rate of 135bpm


Felt tired when I got home and had a nap for an hour midmorning after putting Maya to bed.


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