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T -194 - Warmup - Saturday 15th August
by Denis Oakley in

On Saturday I recovered from the 7 hour drive and the lack of sleep due to Maya not sleeping by driving all over the Desaru region :) Sorry Shen.

Seriously I went into the water at Desaru and tried out the new goggles which worked and felt very comfortable. I went out about 150m and did a couple of short sprints on the way back in getting used to swimming in the sea and the current at the race site. I chatted to a couple of guys putting the race buoys out and and they told me that the current altered with the tide and would be coming from the left the next day. The waves would be in the hands of the gods however. I left the water with a clear view of the course.

I took the bike down at about 2100 and did a 10 minute easy cycle in my trainers followed by a short run. I'd relaced my laces - using the old laces but cutting out one of the eye pairs and it seemed comfortable enough - much looser and not tight around the foot as a whole.

I did a couple of 50m sprints and then headed home after about 15m of zone 1 warmup.

Maya slept with Olfer and I had a couple of beers before going to bed.


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