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T -194 Race - Desaru Sprint Triathlon
by Denis Oakley in

OK - gutted - my first post goty wiped by google, :(

Desaru is:

  • 500m Swim

  • 18km Cycle

  • 3km Run

The pre-race plan was to take the swim steady and focus opn performance but not at any cost. The cycling which has traditionally been a limiter - I don't push fast or hard enough - would be where I made my big effort, and I would try to maintain (or improve) my position on the run.

Pre-race I was relaxed and happy. Senay accompanied me all the way to the start - and had her instructions on where to be taking photos - and was I think brilliant in helping me to prepare myself. I went into the race with her love all around feeling very relaxed and quite a low level of arousal.


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