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T -194 - Desaru Triathlon - Swim - Sunday August 17th
by Denis Oakley in

On the swim I knew that the current pushed to the right and the string of buoys out to the corner buoy was pushed into a big curve. I stood to the left of the start line in the 3rd or fourth row and intended to keep well to the left.

Going into the South China Seas was lovely and warm but I realised that I'd never thought about how to race start into the sea - how do you get through the waves on the way out? I swam and gasped everytime a wave crashed over me. :)

Once into the water it was a bit of chaos and I happily sighted on the second rather than the first buoy and happily swam across most of the competitors going for the first marker buoy. Not great navigation but at least I generally stayed on the surface and they didn't. Sorry.

Sighting was a bit difficult due to the swell and a couple of times I needed to do a bit of breaststroke - especially on the approach to the 1st turn just to stay orientated and not cause too much chaos. After the first turn everything eased up - most people seemed to have disappeared and I got into a good rhythm slowly overtaking people until the second turn.

After the seond turn I was able to focus on my stroke a bit more. it was apalling. I wasn't rolling particularly well and the strokes were short and fast. About all I was doing was concentrating on putting a lot of power into the pull. I found it really difficult to roll properly but did manage to slow and lenghten my strokes. I also ignore the small amount of water that had got into my mask.

I took a couple more people on the way in and then a few more in the surf as I swam right up to when my finger tips touched the sand.


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