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T -194 - Desaru Triathlon - T1 - Sunday August 17th
by Denis Oakley in

I ran along the beach, feeling the heat immediately taking off my swim caps and goggles. I'd landed close to the swim finish so I saved a bit of time there and ran up the slope towards T1. High heart rate and laboured breathing and the slope was a killer on my legs but I was able to keep a good jog trot going. I think I overtook 4 or 5 more people at this point. Through the showers which were lovely and cool and into T1 where my bike was at the far end on the left.

Don't remember much other than it went mostly according to plan. Gloves stayed in my hand and I delayed a bit to wash my mouth with water. Senay was there taking photos but I didn't notice her at all.


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