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T -194 - Desaru Triathlon - Race Review - Sunday August 17th
by Denis Oakley in

Lessons Learnt

  1. Figure out effective water entry strategy

  2. Get the right buoy

  3. Work on stroke improvement in thrash out to first turn

  4. Do more sea swimming so that stroke mechanics dno't disintegrate in the sea

  5. Push as you come out of the water all the way to T1

  6. Tape gloves to bike and ignnore in T1

  7. Have sacrifical water bottle for mouth cleansing on bike. Then throw.

  8. Know the course better - drive with GPS and look at profile.

  9. Push on hills

  10. Aero on roundabouts if insane

  11. Save energy for last km back to T2

  12. Attach watch to hat so it can't be left behind.


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