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T -194 - Desaru Triathlon - Run - Sunday August 17th
by Denis Oakley in

This just hurt. On the run I'd intended to open out with my long legs and a high cadence and devour some ground at a comfortable lope. My legs were agony but that was OK I could deal with them. I didn't have the heart rate to be able t do it though. I was behind a girl with a part aquamarine tri suit and in front of her was Red Pants Dr Patrick. We ran following the shade and the first sponge was wonderful. I took the girl and then over took red pants. He re-overtook me straight away and I then concentrated on just staying beside him. About 800m short of the finish the girl over took us both - I looked behind and we were about 300m clear behind and 100m in front so I kept the pace which was about all I could do.

Came into the finish neck and neck with red pants and was totally utterly grateful for the ice water towel put around my neck. Good race.

I loved everyminute of it and had a lot of fun. It hurt though. I don't have any times apart from the bike which was about 31 minutes. Arif who was at the finish said he thought that I was in the 50 minute range but that seems a bit fast. We'll see when the results go up.

Saw Randy and Sam and May Sen aftwerwards at the awards dinner and then slept most of the afternoon in the car


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