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T -191 - Swim - Wednesday 20th August
by Denis Oakley in

For various reasons - i.e TM decided to cut off the internet at work for no good reason and we had to move everyone to the backup location - I didn't go swimming until 2030. I went to the AT pool again somewhat daunted by the 100+ length's that I'd got to do in the 15m pool. Wore my new Speedo goggles - but didn't get the fit quite right. They slightly leaked water - never enough to be a problem - always just eough to be irritating. They also have orange lenses - great on a sunny day - bad at night.

I did a fast warm up 2,4,6,4,4 and was profoundly pleased when another guy came and started doing laps and said ( i know the grammar here is awful) that i was a really good swimmer. Me! We talked about technique for a few minutes then as part of the converstion I mentioned that I was doing an ironman. He didn't speak to me again - Oh well. I thought that Ironmen were tough once. Now I know that they just suffer more pain.

Drills - I skipped the TI stuff and did my oild routine. Found it quite difficult to get the imporvements that I wanted. So went onto the mains set 6x120m (8x15m) and really enjoyed it. They went by fast and though I was tired by the end of the 6th I'd worked quite hard on my pull, my needleness and keeping my elbow high.

I think that the race on Sunday must have acted as a breakthrough workout because I really felt my swimming had improved significantly. I also had no trouble with cramps until my kickset and I last 4 lengths before I had to give up. the session. Definitely going to get myself a sports massage booked soon.


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