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T -191 - Run - Wednesday 20th August
by Denis Oakley in

Slept well with about 7 hours sleep and got up at 0600. Didn't feel very stiff but another hour of sleep would have been nice. The diving at the weekend ook more of a toll thasn I thought.

Olfer, when we had got back from Desaru, had washed everything in my race bag. I mean everything including sunglasses and trainers - and the laces. Seperately. So the first thing that I had to do was to try and remember how I'd laced them and get that right. Also took a few minutes to check that the HR sensor and cadence sensor were working properly.

This morning was a RFR5 with RSS3 - 40 minutes of running with 6 x 20s stride intervals. I decided to swop it for a late week work out to reduce the stress effects from the weekend and did a RFR4 with RSS3 instead - 5 mniutes less runing.

I enjoyed thr un but my effort seemed to be all over the place. One minute I had laboured breathing, the next I was totally relaxed. May be I had little pace control? My trainers were fine - the lacing worked - a generally looser approach but there was a little bit of discomfort under the left arch after about 30 minutes.

I went down by Flora Damansara doing the strides on the way out - on the downhill stretch. This isn't totally lazy - rather running downhillfast helps with core strenght and general stability ( and thus ultimately back into efficiency) - strides uphill help the power and I usually do them uphill as I enjoy pain. I don't but thatr kind of begs the question as to why I do this.

One problem is that I decided I would lap each stride interval so I'd get a better understanding of what I was doing annd be able to compare. I used the start/stop button instead. Isn't technolog a joy :)

Very sweaty when I got home and threatened Maya with the salty drip treatement!


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