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T -190 - Cycle- Thursday 21th August
by Denis Oakley in

A hard session. I got up at 0600 and was heading out the door by 0630. I slept well and was semi awake waiting for the alarm clock when it went - and only had one beer last night which put me out like a switch before Shen came to bed.

As today was the power interval day that I swapped from Tuesday I tried to figure out the best route and eventually decided to head up towards Batu Caves via the Penchala Link. Big mistake. Whether it was the hard swim workout the night before - or the effort that I put into the bike on Sunday - I hardly seemed to have any power in my legs and I really struggled. Hear rate semed relatively low though so i assume that it is the race recovery being an issue.

So lot of hills whichI struggled up ( the bottom four gears are still bouncing everywhere - which is good for power) and then intervals when I found a flat section. The whole session seemed to combine hill climbing and power intervals and it was almost too much.

Knocked off the idea of heading to Batu Caves at the Kuantan Roundabout and headed back via Sri Hartamas, Section 16 and TTDI. Left calf was threatening to cramp but otherwise a good ride despite my complaining.

Finished in just over an hour and had my second breakfast and intend to book the sports massage today


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